Facilities & Achievements  
The college block is built over a spread area of 58298 sq ft with lecture halls and supporting laboratories...  
  Libraries & Labs  
  We are having more than 20 labs with well infrastructure facility. The labs are maintained by the experienced faculty persons...  
  Hostel & Transport
  In our campus 2 storey separate building is provided for Boarding and loading. The students are given convenient and comfortable space for living...
Principal Desk
India's march towards economic success and overall modernization is technology-founded and calls for high quality and well trained manpower. The quality of education has to meet standards prevalent in advanced countries whose services and products generate the demand for the graduating engineers and dictate the quality. Technological transformations and growth of recent years have been faster and demanding enormous manpower. Irrespective of advancement of technologies, there cannot be any substitute for human input.

Today's engineer is placed in a confluence of technologies, in a highly competitive environment, but with vast and virtually unlimited opportunities. It is left to engineers to utilize these opportunities. This institute envisions moulding its graduates to enter the global village. Some of the advanced countries, particularly the European countries, are facing manpower crunch of young people with its population ageing. Indian engineers have vast scope to avail of these opportunities in such countries either by migration or by serving the opportunities outsourced to India.
This calls for acquiring appropriate skills and capabilities by graduate engineers. Towards this end, this institute has the state-of-art independent laboratories in all the five streams. Library and internet access provided at the institute take the students to the frontiers of knowledge.

Countries across the world are positioning for knowledge based economies. India has the advantage of vast manpower and knowledge of English. The country has to emerge in a competitive environment, achieve and maintain its leadership.

This institution has well qualified and highly motivated faculty members who are actively involved in research and are constantly associated with practicing professionals. Seminars, workshops, short courses etc are conducted for students and staff to enable those remains abreast of the frontier of knowledge. The institute has a very strong industry interaction cell for each stream, functioning under respective departmental heads. The resulting interactions provide ample opportunities for exposure to real life situations and adequate pregraduation training. Virtually autonomous, simultaneously with curricular and co- curricular activities.

This institute lays emphasis on overall development of its students and facilitates their parallely acquiring ability, attitude and leadership qualities to position themselves in the ever growing and expanding technological arena.

Education gives to a person, knowledge, skill and above all, the very attitude of life. It is a lifelong process designed to mould one's behavior into a socially acceptable one. It leads a person in learning ethical values

We take up this mantle from its predecessors, in shaping the future India and the world.